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Thoughts About Fees
Because we are a boutique partner-only firm, we don't have to waste money on extravagant overhead expenses.  Instead, we can offer superior services at reasonable rates.

When you have a situation that requires legal representation, the last thing you want to worry about is your ability to pay attorney’s fees.

Whether by hourly rate, flat fee, project based fee, or in certain cases, a percentage fee, you will find that we can address your legal needs in the manner that best suits your budget.

We recognize that different clients have different needs and different budgets.
Fees are openly discussed up front and clearly disclosed in our engagement letters.  Billing statements are clear and concise.

With every client, we strive to take the whole situation under consideration to arrive at a fee arrangement that is both fair and reasonable.  If you have a special situation, chances are that we can structure a fee arrangement to meet your specific needs.

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