Attorneys & Business Affairs

Personal Matters
We can help you navigate the legal maze with personal matters.
Life can be complicated. 
The unforeseen can arise at any moment, even in the most well planned lives.  Increasingly, there are more and more situations in our everyday lives that involve documents, negotiation and, unfortunately, conflict.  We can offer strategies to minimize stress and work toward solutions.

What sort of situations are we talking about?
  • Protecting your family by planning for the future
    • Drafting Wills
    • Creating Trusts
    • Drafting Health Care Directives
    • Involving expert estate planners for high net worth clients
  • Assisting you through a difficult event
    • Estate Administration
    • Criminal Matters
    • Family Law Matters
    • Accidents, Personal Injury & Work Related Injuries
  • Everyday Transactions, but where exposures may lurk
    • Bills of Sale for cars, boats and other valuable items
    • Dispute Resolutions with home contractors and vendors
    • Identity Theft and Fraud
For litigation and other matters outside of our practice areas (including some of those mentioned above) we can refer you to experts. We can explain your options and direct you to other attorneys and professionals in our referral network who are best suited to meet your specific needs. Plus we'll remain on the team, at no additional cost, to assist  you on a personal level.

Please consider us as more than just your business attorneys.
Think of us also as your local, family lawyers, who understand your problems and are ready to work with you to ensure the most positive outcomes available.

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