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Entertainment Law
We have the experience to offer a wide range of services to individuals, groups and companies in the entertainment industry. More so than other business areas, the entertainment industry is littered with stories of those who signed deals without counsel or those who thought their "regular" attorney could handle their entertainment business affairs. Don't let his happen to you - it could turn out to be a critical mistake costing you money, diminishing your rights, and even potentially crippling your career.

Our expertise and capabilities extend well into most areas of the Entertainment Industry - including:
Music, TV, Film, Web & YouTube (see our next page about that),
Literary, Theatrical, Performing & Fine Arts.

We stay informed on current and emerging industry trends.  There is no such thing as a "standard deal" anymore.  Our backgrounds in business and technology provide the competitive edge required to render  individually tailored services to fit your unique circumstance.

In the Music Business alone, we have been involved with recordings and songs that have achieved over 50 Million units in sales. We have also worked with many developing and independent artists. If you are ready to compete on the world stage, then we can assist you in reaching your goals. In our home town of Philadelphia, we have put our A&R reputation on the line 20 times supporting local artists, and we have secured major label recording contracts and significant co-publishing agreements in 16 out of those 20 times - an 80% success rate!

We also understand the ever-changing environment of the "new digital" music business and are well equipped to advise and assist artists with self-releases, direct-to-digital sales and streaming services, and independent distribution. 

Some examples of our work areas include:
  • Contract Drafting, Review, Negotiations for all fields
  • Royalty Reviews
  • General Business Affairs
  • Management & Band Agreements
  • Deal Shopping (on a selective basis)
  • Music Licensing (mechanical, synchronization, public performance)
  • Film & Television Production & Development Matters
  • Rights Licensing & Merchandising Matters
  • Recording, Music Publishing & Songwriter Agreements
  • Production & Producer Agreements
  • On-Air & Broadcast Talent Agreements
  • Distribution Deals (digital & physical product)
  • Literary & Book Publishing
  • Theatrical Productions
  • New Company Organizations
  • Business Executive Employment Matters
  • Copyrights & Trademarks
  • Fine Arts Issues
  • Internet Issues
Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.
The above list is by no means exhaustive.
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