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Executive Representation
Proper legal guidance is required to maximize financial success for business executives.
Whether you are a senior level employee in a corporate environment, or a freelance consultant with multiple clients, carefully crafted employment and services agreements are essential to protect your interests. We are surprised that prominent executives sometimes minimize the significance of such agreements, or may feel like they are not in a position to negotiate. Consider this analogy: you are a star player about to join or re-up with a team that needs you for the starting line up. We believe you are in a strong position to negotiate.

We know how to protect your interests - reasonably, professionally and without harming your relationships.
Nobody wants to start off a new relationship in an uncomfortable or awkward manner. We're here to make sure that does not occur.

We offer insightful advice in key areas regarding compensation, termination and employment obligations.
Are you being paid enough? Are options or equity grants appropriate? Under what circumstances should you receive severance payments if a termination occurs?
Are you facing a potentially crippling non-compete provision in an employment contract, or confusing and impractical terms in a consulting agreement?

Let us guide you through the process of career decisions.
Don't make the mistake of handicapping your future if a potential employer confronts you with bewildering documents or high pressure tactics.
We can help you make the right decisions and negotiate your agreements for the best possible outcome. 

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