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Real Estate Transactions
We can assist you with purchase, sale and leasing matters for your
Primary Residence, Vacation Home or Investment Property.
Even in a seemingly basic transaction, issues can arise. If commercial or multi-unit real estate is involved, the issues are more numerous and more complex. We'll make sure that you understand these issues, and we'll do our best to insure that your transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible with no sudden surprises.

Real Estate matters involve large sums of money & significant personal commitments. Strong legal representation is imperative.
There are many parties involved in real estate transactions, each with their own agenda.
Please remember that only your attorney truly represents your best interests. Experience shows that going into a deal without an attorney can actually cost you more money and increase your liability exposures.

Partner Ric Cohen also brings a property owner's perspective -
as a buyer, seller & developer.
Ric has been actively engaged with real estate for many years. He has served as a managing director of privately held companies which have owned, managed and developed substantial portfolios. He has supervised operations and financial management, including strategic sales to institutional investors. He owns and manages investment property and maintains relationships with real estate brokers and lenders.

Some examples of our work areas include:
  • Agreements of Sale - review, drafting & negotiating
  • Leases - review, drafting & negotiating
  • Settlement & Closing representation
  • Historical Commission, Permitting & Zoning representation
  • Due Diligence representation
  • Vendor, Contractor & Architectural Agreements
  • Mortgage & Financing Documentation - review, drafting & negotiation
  • Team Building & Introductions - to realtors, lenders, architects, builders
Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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